Meet The Team

David Arreguin - Kitchen Manager

David joined our team after impressing Mark and Liz at an open concept restaurant, where he not only made meals, but also interacted with guests while serving them cocktails. In the course of their interactions, Mark and Liz learned that David is a Jalisco native with an understanding of Hispanic cuisine, flavor and spices. Unlike most chefs, David preferred working in an open kitchen, that allowed him to speak with the guests, learn their interests and watch them enjoy his offerings.

David learned his craft at home, cooking side by side with his family. He spent the next 18 years working his way around the restaurant world. His role as head Tac/Quila Chef is based on his passion for flavors and exceptional cuisine, and his ability to lead the Tac/Quila kitchen team. He takes pride in teaching all members of the team and there is a family culture in David's kitchen. Anyone who has ever worked in his kitchen can vouch for his ability to promote equality for all members of the team. Recently David was nominated for a Heroes of Hospitality award through Visit Greater Palm Springs - Quite an honor. We admire David's drive and dedication and thank him for his contribution to Tac/Quila.

David Arreguin photo
Amanda Jasso photo

Amanda Jasso - General Manager

Over the past 16 years, Amanda has worked her way through the hospitality industry, including management roles in restaurants and hotels. Early on, Amanda made the connection between life's best moments and quality time with loved ones over a good meal eaten in a pleasant environment. Amanda joined the Tac/Quila team to pursue this connection and because she shares the Tac/Quila philosophy - investing resources in the best possible people and ingredients, and focusing on presentation and environment.

Amanda's forte' is crafting innovative strategies to influence team character and improve productivity. Amanda knows that it takes knowledgeable staff, consistency in food preparation and an understanding of crafting cocktails to provide quality experiences. Amanda lives her life by the principle that the "integrity of the leader is reflected in the team" and it shows in her performance. As a result, Amanda fuels her team with information and encouragement to keep them engaged and committed. Amanda was recently honored by being nominated as a Hero of Hospitality through Visit Greater Palm Springs. We agree wholeheartedly!

Elizabeth Perezchica - Manager

Elizabeth was born and raised in Palm Springs and takes pride in her community. She has 12 years of experience in the restaurant industry and adeptly manages all of the issues faced daily by a manager in a busy restaurant like Tac/Quila.

Elizabeth believes that the most important traits of a restaurant manager are confidence, leading to exceptional behavior and personal happiness, and Elizabeth diligently instills this in her team. She believes that exceptional behavior includes being empathetic toward our guests and their expectations. In the restaurant industry, there is always room for improvement, and at Tac/Quila, improvement and excellence start at the top. We are proud of the example Elizabeth sets for her team. When she isn't working, you will find her cheering on her kiddos in their various endeavors.

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Cristopher Vivian photo

Cristopher Vivian

Cristophers enthusiasm and passion for the restaurant industry started 11 years ago here in the Coachella Valley. He fell in love with the rush of making a memorable dining experience along with the intricacies that come along with making it happen. One of his favorite parts of his shifts is stopping to take a moment and to look around Tac/quila and seeing it all come together is such a great visual. From the back of the house to the front of the house, everyone dedicated and doing their part to make our guests happy is amazing to see. Having played soccer for many years he has picked up some principles that he has practiced on the field for years and now in his management. Teamwork, professionalism, hard work, and personality are his priority and does his best to resonate them to his team. His goal is to uphold the companies values and to also learn and grow as much as he can so that he can become better in both his work and personal life. There is always room for improvement no matter the success.